5th Jul, 2008

Propellor Update

Thanks to everyone who rallied around North Star to help get us off the dock and underway to Tacoma Tall Ships. Special Thank you to Cameron Spence who dove to remove our broken propellor for much of June 30th. He returned on July 1st and spent most of the day trying with various pullers and tools to budge it. William from North Wind, another historic ship, re-drilled our puller which gave us more leverage. Steve at Victoria Propellor also took up the task and shipped us down the new prop – dropping it off in Nanaimo and ensuring its safe arrival in time for us to cast off. Late in the day we called in – on a stat! – another diver – name of Littlejohn – who along with Cam was able to get the bad prop off. Short trials were made late in the day alongside. The new propellor is larger with a 26 inch radius – the last was 24 and the pitch is different as well. The weight of the new prop is substantially more. Stella the Sea Dog spent most of the days fretting over her buddy Cam’s safety. Stella lifeguarding Cam.