6th Jul, 2008

Saltspring Island

The new propellor seems to be doing an excellent job now and we have recorded speeds upwards of ten knots! The crew are relaxing and tending to ship’s business – sorting out gear, lines and getting in some much needed R & R. Maida and Isabel rowed us into Ganges.
We received excellent hospitality once again from Saltspring Island Marina. Lesley Cheeseman is still running the show here and has a wonderful crew with a good attitude. The new showers and laundry are the best on the coast and make this stop-over all the better. There is also an authentic French bakery opposite Moby’s (which has re-opened). The bakery is reasonably priced and full of wonderful treats. Isabel and Maida rowing us into Ganges. Starfish on beach at GangesField art exhibit at Ganges