15th Jul, 2008


We had a very nice day trip to Chemainus where we took in South Pacific at the theatre. As usual we had wonderful hospitality from Harmen Bootsman who has made some amazing changes to the marina. We remember it from when it was all lovely fishing boats. Now there are more slips. We were joined by two Canadian Naval ships (Orcas) who we had also seen at Ganges. Apparently they are visiting marinas and practicing coastal navigation and seamanship. When they left we stayed for a second night and enjoyed some quiet and watching the boom boats pushing the log booms around. Very picturesque.

Chemainus is really the North Star at Chemainus with log boomsbeach for the girls. Hours were spent there. Stella swam and dug holes and swam some more. There is a lot of warm shallow water which reminded me of visiting a beach in PEI when I was a child.

Chemainus remains a real treasure on this stretch of coast.