15th Jul, 2008

Maple Bay

Alongside MAple BayWe had a beautiful sail down into the start of Sansom Narrows and into Maple Bay. We have not had the ship into Maple Bay in a decade and remembered it as being a nice stopover.

With a following wind of just over ten knots we were making two and a half knots under bare poles as we made our way to the dock. Once secure we were happy to meet up with George from Falcon Rock who is a long time friend of the ship.

Dinner ashore was a bizarre affair. We put in our laundry and then went to the restaurant and ordered four veggy burgers and a grilled cheese sandwich. We watched as bored diners left their tables and went for walks with overtired children. Isabel put our clothes in the dryer. Still no food. She came and got me as she had found a couple had overturned their dinghy and could not get out of the water. We rescued them and secured their dinghy. Returned to the restaurant with our clean and dried laundry. After ninety minutes the food arrived Рsomething that would take a maximum  of five minutes to make.. Our neighbour from years ago РErica Рwas at an adjoining table. Her order was lost.

Ah well. We were on vacation. Beautiful scenery and quiet!