15th Jul, 2008

Sansum Narrows and Fulford Harbour

This next leg took us down one of our all time favourite cruising areas – Sansom Narrows. This is a beautiful stretch down the west side of Saltspring Island. Tall cliffs, lots of trees, sparkling waters and if you work it right – a nice current to help you through. This is somewhat similar to cruising the North Channel of Lake Huron/Georgian Bay except that there are seals and the occasional whale!

We arrived at Fulford which is one of our favourite stopovers. The wharfingers are Deb and Joe who seem to have figured the game of lie out. Summers are spent minding the marina and visiting with their family on Saltspring. This allows them to spend winters aboard their boat in Mexico. Deb and Joe were very good hosts and made us feel right at home. The girls were keen to play tennis on the marina courts and we also explored the village.

Absolutely beautiful scenery. We went to the beach and Stella ran in the warm water. Maida and Isabel practised guitar and Kayla spent her time reading and drawing.St Mary\'s Church, Fulford HarbourAt Fulfor Harbour MArinaIsabel playing tennisKayla playing tennisIsabel at the helmFulford Harbour Marina kayakersSansum NarrowsMaida