15th Jul, 2008

Running to Victoria

We were up at 0530 on the 14th July and readying the ship for leaving. We cast off at 0625. Beautiful run through the small islands. Very little ferry traffic. Very little traffic at all. We have found that there are noticeably fewer vessels out. Could be the fuel, the U.S. election, the weather. Works for us! As we came abeam Darcy Island, notorious for its history as a Leper Colony, the mist began to settle in and so we were onto radar and GPS.

Maida read and worked on an art project. Isabel was into reading and listening to music with Kayla. North Star was running with the ebbing tide and was regularly at eight to ten knots. Fred Carpenter used to run her at eight knots when she was in the Arctic and so that it was we like to keep her at, when conditions allow.

Rounding Trial Island we saw a regatta of schooners tacking their way around a course. We recognised Forbes and Cameron as well as Martha. No doubt the other dozen were familiar too, but they were too far out. The radio was busy with the sightings of a pod of Orca.

The seas and wind were building and it was quite cold. We were happy to secure after a nice voyage around the Gulf Islands. Cam was down the next day and inspected the new propeller and it is fine. It was not the voyage that we had planned and prepared so hard far but it was a success all the same. The ship is once again proven and is rigged and ready to sail anywhere in the world.