15th Sep, 2010

Nice Gift for North Star!

We were sorry to have missed meeting Peter and Lisa, a couple who was visiting from Alberta with their two children. Peter’s father was a passenger aboard North Star in the ‘4o’s and ’50’s. I will save his story for the book as it is a very neat and unexpected connection to the ship’s history. When they arrived home, Peter and Lisa sent along a very special gift – a copy of a home movie that his father took while being hosted by Fred Carpenter at Sachs Harbour. There are shots of Fred harnessing up the dogs and a short but priceless bit of footage showing North Star on her annual trek between Sachs and Tuktuk. The whole main deck is covered in sleds, dogs, canvas tarpaulins and family members and friends. I watched it frame by frame, watching for how things were rigged and where different equipment had been stowed. There is a clear shot of the wheel that Fred and Susie used that was mounted on top of the deckhouse. From there they could get a clear view over the mass of humanity and stores on deck as well as have a good look-out for ice pans or seals, walrus or polar bears. An added bonus from Peter and Lisa was a small packet of five negatives showing North Star in shots that have not been revealed since they were taken as well as a family portrait whose members I will have to call upon the our Banksland friends to identify. Thank you so much Peter and Lisa!