15th Sep, 2010

Abigail (Abby) joins North Star’s Crew!

img_1140_0.jpgimg_1141_0.jpgimg_1139.jpgAn early birthday gift for Sheila and a new mascot for North Star, Abby the tabby joined the ship at the end of August 2010 at age eight weeks. Weighing next to nothing and as curious and busy as can be, Abigail made many new friends at the boast show and insinuated her charms on Stella, William and Emmett. Within days of arriving we could hear her crying. Stella bolted from the deckhouse and went and stared over th bulwarks into the harbour where Abby had given herself her first swimming lesson. Nothing damaged but her pride. Great work on Stella’s part and Maida took care of drying her up!