24th Sep, 2010

Book and Research update

Just a thank you to the many people who have sent in their memories, photos, slides and films about their or their parents experiences with and aboard North Star to our e-mail of pressgang@hotmail.com. We have received some very valuable photos and films of the schooner era in the Canadian Arctic and quite a lot of “proof” of our Arctic sovereignty

I have been given a very kind gift of airmiles which will allow me to travel to Yellowknife in order to interview some of the Carpenter family and other famous  Arctic families. Those Bankslanders are everywhere! I will also use my time there to look through the archives at the Prince of Wales Heritage Center.

From Yellowknife I am seeking sponsorship to Aklavik, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk and hopefully Sachs Harbour in order to interview many of the elders firsthand about the “Queen of the Banksland Fleet”.

Thanks again and please send along your stories or phone me at 250-885-0645