12th Apr, 2012

North Star book – still seeking a publisher!

Almost every day we get a FaceBook post or an e-mail asking us when the book about North Star’s history will be out – North Star of Herschel Island: the last sailing Arctic fur trading ship. Well, soon we hope! I have sent off queries to some Canadian publishers and have received some very good comments but so far no contract. I have also looked into self-publishing or print-on-demand options but I am hoping that a Canadian publisher will see the merit in it. In writing about North star of Herschel Island I find myself in good company. Farley Mowat, Pierre Berton, Gordon Pinsent and many others are some of the Canadian authors who have included North Star in a book or two. Former Prime Minister Jean Chretien has telephoned me aboard to discuss the ship and the book project and has asked for a copy – as has Farley Mowat.

If anyone has some advice on whom to query then please contact me on North Star of Herschel Island’s FaceBook page or e-mail northstarbook@gmail.com