6th Jul, 2013

New Berth for North Star!

On June 15th, 2013 at 0600 we cast off from Victoria, B.C. and headed out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. ┬áConditions were light. The engine had been producing some steam from the oil pan but we had been assured that this would burn off by our shore mechanic. It continued to produce steam though and the deck house was like a sauna for the first hour or so. Finally the steam dissipated but was soon replaced by exhaust fumes. By this time we were up past Saltspring Island and trying to make the slack at Porlier’s Pass. If we missed it then we would have to put in for the night and as Maida was with us and had a plane ticket for the next day we pushed on through.

We have been jinxed in all of our trips to Vancouver. The first year, about 16 years ago, our old transmission started spewing smoke and stopped working as we were trying to leave harbour while being interviewed by a local tv and radio station. We ended up being towed back in. The next year as we were again leaving the Wooden Boat Show we discovered that our propeller had spun off. We were in port for days first finding the prop and then finding a shop that could make us a new nut.  The third time I got hit in the head by a dory davit as we were trying to make it to Vancouver and ended up in hospital for days while Sheila took care of the four children and the ship in remote Silva Bay, Galiano Island.

This time I discovered that we had blown two holes in our exhaust hose and so all of the heat and exhaust came up through the vents and through the pilothouse. We opened up all of the hatches and door and took turns donning a filter mask while spelling each other off at the helm.

We had a nice crossing of the Salish Sea though it looked as though we were preparing for a minstrel show. We arrived off of Spanish Banks and found the sandy bottom for a few tense moments though never lost way. We called ahead and were met by a new neighbor, Keely, who helped with lines as we made one of the worst dockings ever.

We are now moored at Heritage Harbour Marina, Vancouver Maritime Museum and at high tide North Star and St. Roch are in sight of one another for the first time since the late 1940’s!