27th Oct, 2014

The Pokiaks Return to North Star

We were very happy to receive northern visitors and North Star alumnus, Margaret Pokiak – Fenton and on another day, her brother Ernest Pokiak. Both siblings shared their memories of their early years aboard North Star. Margaret has published two books dealing with that time in her life and one of them, entitled fatty legs, has an early photo of the ship in it. Ernest shared his memories of when his father, Bertram, was engineer aboard North Star and he also solved the mystery of where Fred Carpenter kept the live wolf – on the port quarter of the pilothouse. Of course, as a child Ernest and the other children would have been warned to stay away from the real-life, big, bad, wolf.

It was great to meet both of these Arctic Elders and we hope that they return again soon for a longer visit.Ernest 027 Ernest 023 Pokiak 003