27th Oct, 2015

International Boundary Commission

In the late 1970’s North Star of Herschel Island was hired by the International Boundary Commission to deliver supplies and workers to the field and act as a floating base camp on the west coast. The IBC was blazing a trail demarking the USA/Canada border which involved chopping down any and all trees in the way of a ten foot strip on either side of the border and then to inspect, repair or replace the actual border markers. The story is covered extensively in my book but today one of the workers from 1976/77/78/79. Hal Howie was aboard. For two of the seasons he travelled with Sven, Norma, and Sylva aboard ship, sleeping in the foc’sle and eating Norma’s chow. Here is a picture of Norma playing the chainsaw as well as the crew including Norma on the right side at the front wearing the white apron as well as a crew member loading aviation fuel. 12,000 pounds of equipment that had been organised in Hull, Quebec and shipped by rail to Prince Rupert was loaded aboard North Star and then dispersed to the teams, often by helicopter pick-ups, to see them through the season.Hal Howie 010 Hal Howie 002 Hal Howie 009 Hal Howie 011 Hal Howie 007 Hal Howie 008