1st Dec, 2016

Christmas Stars – Own a Piece of North Star!

SOLD OUT! Thank you to everyone who participated.

We had to replace a piece of North Star’s aft capping rail this year. We were hit while alongside last summer and the railing was destroyed. We managed to salvage a chunk and working around the old screw holes, caulking, epoxy, patches etc.. and cut out a small amount of star shapes.

These are very rustic stars. Each one is unique. Some have broken off corners from the hard work the ship has endured over the years. Each has been dipped twice in marine varnish and they all read North Star 1935 and have a piece of waxed whipping twine to hang them from.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $25.00 each, postage included within North America. As there are so few of them please write to us at northstarofherschelisland@gmail.com if you would like to reserve one. staryes1 staryes2