National Historic Site

In November 2014 we finally began the process of applying for Canadian National Historic Site Status for North Star of Herschel Island. Over the past 18 years we have been approached countless times by people from all over the world and asked why the ship has never received this honour. The short answer is that it is because we have never seriously looked into how about doing this.

As the last sailing representative of the Western Canadian Arctic fur trade and as a reminder of the success that Inuvialuit fur trappers had in that era trading with the Hudson’s Bay Company and the Can-Alaska Company she would seem an obvious choice for the award.

As the vessel chosen by the Canadian Government during the Cold War to sail to Banks Island at the western entrance to the NW Passage to assert Canadian Arctic Sovereignty and to hold the land “for Queen and Country” she should receive National Historic Site status just as her first Captain, Fred Carpenter, received a special medal from Queen Elizabeth II did. North Star was again pressed (willingly) into service by the Canadian Government in the seventies when her second Captain was asked to once again assert Canadian Arctic sovereignty by re-surveying the controversial BC/Alaska boundary.

In recent years North Star of Herschel Island has been the proud Official Canadian Goodwill Ambassador at International Tall Ship Festivals which is a very common time for us to be asked by the public about her status in Canada and whether or not her significant contribution to Canadian history has ever been acknowledged.

We will keep this page updated as things hopefully progress.125.1 The ship's decks today.